About our talented team:

Infusing Creativity and business through Design, eBooks and Multimedia.  Mahieu Studios can create custom designs for your personal, artistic and business needs.  We create to put character in your life and business.  We believe no one should starve visually or literally.

2015 Our group just launched Southern Fever Publishing for our Adult Fiction authors.  Little Lucy Lovebugs Books will feature our children's, illustrated and language learning books.


Mahieu Spaid - Artist and Author

Board member of AscendNAAMBA for Asian Professionals and AdopSource - a resource for Asian Adoptees

Creative director of the company and is constantly seeking new projects for the group.  Don’t be surprised to find post-it notes and drawings covering her studio wall.  She has experience as a guest writer in the Korean Quarterly Newspaper, which looks in depth at Korean culture, politics, and community.  She is the founding member of a experimental launch group called KAAt or Korean Adopted Artists Together.  They had their first show in April of 2013.  They have collaborated on workshops and being involved with the adoptee community in Minnesota.  She has self-published a children’s books series called, Adventures of Lucy and Bryan - King of Wild Island.  Her artwork has also been sold to individuals at events around the Minnesota area.  She is currently working on additions to the series and helps maintain an advice column for one of her cat characters named Lucy.  Dear Little Lucy...If a cat had an advice column is the Dear Abby of the animal world.  The story of her fun-loving characters travels to shows around Minnesota and her illustrations will be featured in several of the ebook publications.

Offers book reading events and classes in fun food clay creation.

Levi Spaid - 2D & 3D animation - digital media expert

Board member of AscendNAAMBA for Asian Professionals and AdopSource

Technical expert when it comes to creating animated commercials for local business.  He creates 3D animations that can be shown on a company youtube channel or directly on their website.  His ability to learn new applications and software has allowed us to expand our services.  He was willing to learn a new animation program for our group so we could enter our characters into an animation film festival.  He’s willing to sit a studio room filled with bouncing ideas and personalities.  One of his collaborated projected was Officially Selected to be shown in MinnAnimate II in September of 2013.  His short film animation was shown with along side a talented group thanks to John Akre, founder of the film festival.  He uses Blender, Anime Studio, iMovie and few other programs to create his multimedia projects.  

Visit him at Lightning Tech Reviews for classes and tech tips.

Ashley Johnson - Stock Photography Artist

Located in the San Francisco Bay area our photography travels around the hills of San Francisco to provide our team with a West Coast view of the world.  After graduating from the Midwest she decided to continue to receive her masters from a private school in California.  

J.M. Lopez - Bilingual Spanish Translation and writer

Her knowledge of Spanish brings a new dimension to our group.  We are thankful for her joining in our new projects.  Juana brings her Texan style to Minnesota.  She is an writer of Children’s books.  Her writing features both English and Spanish Translation.  She is an emerging writer and poet with a unique voice.  Her way of storytelling brings a fresh perspective to our group.


Every member of our team believes in giving back to our community.  Many of volunteer for non-profits and try to stay involved with groups and organizations that try to provide resources for adoptees, young entrepreneurs, and those with a desire to learn.  You will find us actively attending meet-ups and network events throughout the city of MInneapolis. It's part of our responsibility to seek out opportunities and knowledge for you.


See our contact page for more information and organizations we support in our local area.


Business Groups:

The Art Shoppe  * Belle Weather * Pham's Deli * The Rabbit Hole * The Left Handed Cook *

Founders for Annual Art Show:

Last show was in April 2013 at the Korean Service Center

KAAt (Korean Adopted Artists Together)

Volunteer (non-profits):

AscendNAAMA*AdopSource * MNTRFF * Korean Quarterly * Land of Gazillion Adoptees *Festival of Nations