Can you read Kindle Books if you don't own a kindle?

Yes, Kindle Books can be read using the Kindle App on Android, iPad and iPhone.  For instructions visit  Amazon Help.


Do we provide services for businesses or individuals? 

Yes, please see our services page and we would be more than happy to set-up meeting with you.   We can provide 3D animation, speaking/workshops, and book cover design.

Where can you find our books?

Most of our books were created for the traveling reader.  You can find the work of our authors at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble online, and in our store.

Other stores for hard covers?  

-In our shop

-At Midtown Global Market in the Art Shoppe at 920 E Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407

-Keepers of Waconia at 225 W 1st St, Laconia, MN 

Are we taking submissions for Little Lucy Lovebugs Books? 

No, at this time we are concentrating on our launch.  We would also like to keep our number of submissions smaller to maintain quality.  We do have enough time to review all of the submissions.  Each writer on our team goes through an intense editing process with our group.  We want to provide quality material.   If you are interested in being a writer, we would encourage you to get writing or keep working on your manuscripts.  We are more than willing to answers a few questions even if we are busy.  We love connecting to other writers and artists who share the same enthusiasm as we do.


What is Mahieu Studios? 

We are a group of talented and independent writers and artists that wanted to share our creativity with the rest of the community.   We have an animation designer, artist, and writers all working together to support each other and share our talent with the rest of the community.  We can animate, design, and create ebook publications.  Our tri-platform allows us to fine tune our individual crafts into something that resonates with our audience.  Each of our team members offer a different resource and we allow them use their talents in the area they are passionate about.  It is because we are knowledgeable in different areas that we are able to provide the different services. 


Why do we blog?   

We want to provide writers and artists with tools and resources they can use for their own businesses.  I know many artists don't always like thinking about the business aspect and we agree.  Ironically, focusing only on money takes away value from your quality of work.  We provide you with feature artists and ways that may make the business process easier.  We share tools that help brainstorm, organize, and think creatively while making the most of your time.  We also want to connect and share with businesses we believe in.  Yes, we do discuss a lot of entrepreneurs or start-ups.  We drawn to them because of their mindset.  They can build a business out of nothing and they make full and efficient use of their skills.  Artists and writers can benefit from the way they build their vision. Most of all they explore new ideas and take action on them.  They aren't afraid of failure.   If they do they get back up and keep going.   We will never reach our greatest achievements if we stop along the way.


What is our store about?

Our online store is now live and is ready for you to visit! it is meant to display our projects we completed.  It is also the personality of our team.  It wasn't about the dollar amount or sales.   This was a way to showcase what we can create.  Some our projects were thought up through brainstorming together.  You would be amazed at how a writer can help an artists with their ideas.  The store also provides a price point for our services.  Our animator just likes creating trailers in his spare time.   He thought he would share them with for individuals or businesses looking for a unique graphic for their website or movie trailer.

We have two different store pages because some of us are supported by other local businesses, and we have our work there.  



More store questions?


Shipping was included in the pricing.  Downloads are direct through an email link sent to you after purchase.  Larger file sizes will require a dropbox account.  Sending them direct might crash your email.   


Here in our studio we are always looking to hear your feedback.  Please visit our contact form to leave a comment.  Thank you!