Speaking, Classes, and Workshops

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Speaking, Classes, and Workshops


Business Consulting for your Team

Infusing Business and Design through Creativity

Thinking of starting a new branding campaign or looking for a creative edge in your business?  Then, bring us to you.  We can teach you basic design principles for your small business.  We can also teach you the insight into how to be more creative with your sales/marketing campaigns.  We will give you a set strategy to infusing a creative edge into your business at any time of the year.


  • Competition in the market only grows with trends & you need an extra edge to get people's attention
  • Every company and corporation brands and rebrands their "look".  Sometimes having a strategy to get those ideas flowing can get you the results you need to stand out.
  • We have the ability to bring Business and Design together to produce new results.


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Prices may vary depending on your needs and can be negotiated by contacting us at littlelucylovebugsbooks@gmail.com.