Stock Photos of Downtown Minneapolis, MN Buildings

Stock photography Shop.jpg
Stock photography Shop.jpg

Stock Photos of Downtown Minneapolis, MN Buildings


Add  a set of 8 stock photos to your business or personal library to use for social media posts, adding to websites or to use in ads.  

  • High Resolution 600 dpi photos will be sent to you for download upon purchase in our store
    • All photos are in .jpg format
    • There are 2 additional/bonus photos at different angles and times of day
    • Please contact us if the size is too big for download
  • These are Royalty Free & high resolution photos:
    • These photos are not to be resold through any other site or service and cannot be sold as your own photos
    • Mahieu Studios is licensing these photos to you for use and they cannot be licensed through any other party
  • Add them to your library for online or business ads
  • Pictures add design quality to your social media posts
  • Method of shipping - digital delivery.  The stock photos are compressed into a zip file 75MB and can be sent via email.  If the size is too big then please select or for your delivery method and enter your email.

Thank you and send questions to  Please see our additional information as well.


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If you choose to receive the photographs via email, due to file size, more than 1 email will be sent.

Please contact us at for any questions or concerns.