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Groups and Organization We have worked with in the past:

Mahieu Studios holds a large umbrella.  We can handle a large range of projects thanks to our creative team.  We combine our skills to create quality in animation, ebooks, and illustration.  We also consider ourselves to be entrepreneurs in our interests because we believe in creating opportunities and values in our communities.  An artist or author should never have to starve visually or literally in any world!



The Art Shoppe at Midtown Global Market - 920 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 

Supporting other artists in our community and my studio -  There are so many talented artists in this area - 

More information about the Art Shoppe -




BoneShaker Books Minneapolis -  website link

We love our volunteers.  All employees in this book store are volunteers.  Some of our authors have met the wonderful staff during one our book readings.  They offer a unique selection of books and independently published authors.  



Korean Adopted Artists Together (KAAt) of Minnesota: established 2013

We are all Korean Adopted Artists working together in our community to provide support and opportunities for emerging artists in the local area.  We also come from many different backgrounds and interests to provide an interesting ensemble to any show.  Our group brings a variety of talents for any art show, conference, or social gathering.  We provide the music, talent, and personality for any space.  These artists are members of our private group.  Information on upcoming shows will be provided through Mahieu Studios.

Mahieu Spaid - Artist and Author

Levi Spaid - Flautist & Animator

Dawn Tomlinson - Jewelry Artist

Summer Breeze- Photography

(The KAAt does provide events and shows within our community - if you are interested in having us at a show or speak at a workshop please email 

Shows & Worshops:

June 27th 2013 - International Conference  

July 4th 2013 - Speaking workshop for Adoptive parents at Camp Choson, Scandia, MN

May 4th 2013 - Korean Adoptee Gathering of Friends 2013 at the Holiday Inn in St. Paul, MN

May 19th 2013 - Pan Asian Arts Festival - Landmark Center, St. Paul, MN

April 27th 2013 - KAAt 2013 at the Korean Service Center in St. Paul, MN - Annual Show


Some of our Members also volunteer and attend events within the adoptee community:

AdopSourceAdopSource is a unique non-profit organization that serves the international adoptee communities in Minnesota.

-MNTRFF - Minnesota Transracial Film Festival - With one of the largest transracial and transcultural adopted communities being in Minnesota, the Minnesota Transracial Film Festival (MNTRFF) was incepted by the international adoptee organization AdopSource in order to showcase both the community and its rich diversity, as well as some of the emerging voices telling their point of view through film, words, and music since 2009.

IKAA - International Korean Adoptee Associations - You might see us at one of their events - The objective of the IKAA website is to create a platform to share and exchange information internationally and provide a permanent forum for the network of Korean adoptee associations worldwide.

Korean Quarterly - Guest writer and interviewer - we are also supporters of this group. Giving a Voice to Korean American Community

Land of Gazillion AdopteesWelcome to Land of Gazillion Adoptees. We are devoted to doing our small part in the important endeavor of highlighting the expertise, accomplishments, programs, projects, and stories of the thousands of Minnesota adoptees and their counterparts living elsewhere in the US and beyond. Our aims is to be “adoptee-centric” by: challenging the adoption status quo; challenging the traditional adoption narrative; challenging adoptees; and being challenged by all, be the challengers be adoptees or otherwise.