Social Media, Marketing, and Commissions Recap

This past year has been interesting because I ventured into helping other individuals and businesses grow their own work.  Helping someone else build their business from nothing is rewarding and daunting at the same time.  Offering my design knowledge and skills, I saw one of my friends build their online business from nothing to their financial goal.  They are now living abroad and have become a mobile entrepreneur.  It's amazing what support, creative input, and a few designs can do for someone else.  

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Featured Artist for March and April of 2017 at The Art Shoppe in MGM

Featured Artist for March and April of 2017 at The Art Shoppe in MGM

This year has been busy and changes are happening all the time.  In the spring, I was asked to be a featured artist at The Art Shoppe in MGM and some of my originals found a new home with other artists who appreciate acrylic landscape.  It was a lot of work but well worth the effort during that time.  I never knew there were so many parts to hanging up art on a wall space.  Prepping your artwork is a full-time job after you worked long hours creating your pieces but it's all part of your passion.

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How can you build your own brand?

Building an online store or a new brand takes time and consistency.  I'm not going to lie.  It takes work and it's a grind in the beginning.  How do I get my clients going when we start from 0?  

1. Schedule regular consistent meetings and set goals to meet before the next one.   Having a mastermind group will only help you scale faster.  Do meetings work?  They do if you take the next step.

2. We all take action after our meeting.  This is as simple as asking what you can get done in the next five minutes.   

3. Get started quickly and let other people know you exist. You can do this through email lists, starting Linkedin or Facebook group, and start your social media channels.

4. Find your platform.  I work with my clients to find the place they need to be in.  One client found success through Amazon FBA and another found success through LinkedIn.  Each brand is as unique as you are. 

5. Track your progress, tweak what you have to improve and keep grinding toward your goal. 

Does all of this work?  Yes,  when I started my clients on this plan they hit their 90 day goals.  I call this the 30-60-90 day plan for starting a business and it does work.  If you doubt this plan, then do what my clients did and add people to your team. 


 If you're a designer or artist who wants to start their own clothing or accessory brand then visit the link:


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Celebrating Culture and Design by Mahieu

This month is St. Patrick's Day and I think back to the memories of everything being dyed green by my mother for one day.  Irish soda bread baked in the oven and our kitchen was filled with corned beef and cabage.  Irish jigs filled the air and I never forgot what day it was.  Our house was a mix of St. Patrick's Day meals, a Polish breakfast at Easter, and me with Korean heritage.  I remember my the first question my Polish grandfather would ask me every time he visited,  "Are you still my Polish Korean?"  I would answer yes and he would hand me a jar of his leftover poker change.  I thought I was rich at that age.  It's stories like this that keep us tied to our roots.  We should celebrate them.  We are all American when you put us in the same room but the difference made our stories.  The cultures that we sometimes forget are part of who we are and form our whole character.  So go look in the mirror today and celebrate what you see staring back at yourself.  I just wanted to share this story today with you because it is part of my inspiration for my characters.  It's a celebration of who we all are inside.  We should teach our children the exercise of standing in front of mirror for all the validation of character they will ever need in life.  As a Korean Adoptee, I found that sometimes the shelves are empty with examples.  I hope I'm helping fill up the empty spaces but we all need to do our part.  We need to stop, reflect and remember that we are walking examples that fill more than one volume or one shelf on in a store.  So, celebrate today and tomorrow with the Irish because we all need to remember every part of who we are.


Artist and Author at

 Kimchi Ninja is illustrated and design by Mahieu

Kimchi Ninja is illustrated and design by Mahieu

Mahieu is the featured artist at the Art Shoppe this March

Join our studio for a meet and greet on March 10th from 5:30-7:00 pm at The Art Shoppe in Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, MN!  Artist and author Mahieu will be featured during the month of March.  March 10th is a day of Celebration of for her newest children's book, Lucy and the Whale: Inspiring Adventures.  She will sign copies of her new book and be there to answer questions about her paintings.  Her acrylic landscapes and studies on color theory will be displayed along with her digital illustrations.   

Visit on March 10th

5:30-7:00 pm

The Art Shoppe in

Midtown Global Market

920 E Lake St

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Visit at