Give away contest running

Hi everybody, 

We just had a team meeting about all of the exciting things we want to offer you.  Our hope with this blog is to bring value to those who subscribe and visit our website by providing sharing things we learn for free.  The purpose of our group is to help independent artists in all areas with their projects.  We provide a group they can rely on for help, ideas, and knowledge about the tools and technology for goals they want to achieve.  I hope our future blogs will provide useful information about how you can pursue your passion or build a business out of what you love.  If you haven't noticed we are growing and moved our services to our main website.  We hope you continue to follow us and let us know if you would like to hear about a certain topic.    

Thank you to all of you who have supported us this past year at our shows.  This blog was also one way for us to give back to you.     

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We will offer free giveaways from artists in our own studio and from local businesses who shared with us.