Studio Journal - Crafting with Friends and Family

Thanksgiving is here and many of you are on your way to visit family and friends. Our group is always working on some project but we still take the time to find the holiday spirit. While many of you plan your Black Friday shopping, our team decided to fit in some relaxation time at home. We called for a crafting day. Instead of getting stuck in the crowd we decided to to declare Black Friday our crafting day with friends and family. Call us crazy but we are going to create handmade crafts and gifts for a few people on our lists this year. We hope you join us in your own home and cozy up to the kitchen table with your loved ones to sit and talk while you get a few presents made. So sit back, slide on those slippers, and get out the hot chocolate because while the rest of you are stuck in the mad rush the rest of us will be sitting around the table for friends and family time. Remember there are resources out there for all of you thinking you can't make a homemade gift of your own. All you have to do is go to places like Pinterest or Google to find your next craft idea. Just get to the store before the line wraps around to the sidewalk on Friday. We will try to post some pictures of our creations after this coming weekend. Feel free to send us your ideas to post through our contact page email and we will share them on our facebook page.

Happy Crafting! - Mahieu Studios.