Sharing Resources an article by Ilya Pozin - 7 Things I wish I knew at 25

Today, I just wanted to take the time to thank all the artists, writers, and entrepreneurs who are changing the world.  I'm always inspired by people who had the drive to go after their dream.  I also think we should share our journey through life and business with the people around us.  There are other people trying to follow their passion or just looking for a way to get started.  I also believe we should be honest about the ups and downs of our journey.  It's a way to teach ourselves and help others take the extra step or avoid a pitfall. 

Recently, I came across an article by Ilya Pozin, writer and serial entrepreneur, and the title made me think.  A common theme I hear from those who created their own businesses out their passion was, "I wish I would have started earlier".  I have to agree with Ilya on his 7 points.  I wish I would have found these innovators of our time and surrounded myself with them when I was in grade school.  Some of us don't have those innovators in our lives to open our eyes to all the creative possibilities in our world.  We all grow up dreaming of our dream job or feel the frustration when the one we have ends.  It's easy to get caught in a routine that never fulfills our own wishes.  That's why I'm thankful for entrepreneurs - if they can't find the job they want they create one.  If they can't find resources, they make them. 

The beauty about reading Ilya's article is that we still have time.  It's time to get started.  Don't get down if you're ideas don't work the first time.  Pick yourself up and change the model, or start over.  Never give up.

Here is the link to his article in Parade: updated link copy and paste into url if it doesn't automatically open.  Thank you.

- Mahieu
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