Crafting Inspiration: Ideas for the Holidays

Crafting Inspiration:  Ideas for the Holidays

The Holidays are approaching and whether you celebrate or not it's the perfect time to gather inspiration.  I tend to be a visual learner and my senses go on overload during the decorating frenzies. Try this tip, turn off your internal dialogue as a writer and stimulate the artist in you.  Use this side to improve your literary imagery by creating character sketches and thinking with your senses.  No one's looking in your studio.  You could go a step further and dress like your favorite literary figure for a day. Your family might think your going through a personality crisis but why explain.  Get into the mind of your character and go to a holiday party where you won't mortify yourself as one of your new chracters.   I guess this is method acting for writers.  However, if your character is evil, a killer, stalker, being pursued by authorities in a man hunt, about to commit a crime, please - just leave it on the page and don't go there.  You action, horror, and mystery writers know I mean.   The Holiday spirit should invoke family and all things warm and fuzzy, not a broadcast of a standoff on the local news.

This is also the one time when you can make the excuse of watching talk shows and DIY videos as part of your research.  Don't feel bad if you end up wandering aimlessly through videos and online sites for an hour here and there, just remember why you started looking in the first place.  Wander with the intention of creating a new character and save the looks in a separate folder.  Multi-task while searching for the new tie for dad.  Create your folders and jot down a quick list while you surf the endless online catalogs.  I use this technique to fill labeled character sketches.  If a piece of clothing, design, or craft idea catches my eye - into the folder it goes.  I plan certain times during the week to look for new trends and ideas.  The key us limiting my time on the social media sites.  Setting the reminders or writing out a schedule will improve your efficiency in completing anything you want to finish before the new year rolls in. 

Those truly searching for a craft project can use Pinterest, Etsy, or the DIY section of youtube.  There are many people on all of these sites that create specific boards or favorite folders for you to view. There is plenty of time to get started.  I think the DIY generation offers unlimited ideas and possibilities. However, I would strongly suggest being very specific in your keyword search or the hours will tic by without warning.   Then, you will be like me in years past - "Twas the night before Christmas, and I had to stay up all night making my presents!"  Nothing like going to a family event to put your head under the coffee spout every five minutes to stay awake.  The red eye corrector in your camera was my bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep, not your flash.  Oh well, thankfully I have other more organized people around me.

Thank you and Happy Crafting!

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