Happy Valentine's Day this Friday! News & Announcements in the New Year!

Happy Friday to those we know we refuse to acknowledge this upcoming day!   What's New in Our Studio?

    Happy Valentine’s Day this Friday!  We are in the second month of the New Year and we are as busy as ever.  Our first ebook through Little Lucy Lovebugs Books, Dear Little Lucy - If a cat had an advice column..., is ready for release this spring.  Juana and Mahieu are busy creating new stories for the months to come.  We are tracking our progress and going through the grueling editing process.  We would also like to announce that some of our items will be featured in a new store in Waconia, Minnesota.  We joined other artists at Keepers of Waconia at 524 S Elm St.  Thank you to our friend Gary and store Owner Betty for including our work!  Their new shop is open and will be having a grand opening in March 2014.

    Mahieu Studios continues to search for resources and references to help you with your own creative process.  We hope you can harness all those ideas and turn them into a new business.  Hold onto those ideas and get ready to share them.  Our group decided to join other business minded individuals for a workshop that will focus on getting you through the first steps of your “start-up” idea.  There will be a whole team of eager and innovative minds ready to help through the process even if you only have an idea.  The workshop will help create power teams to discuss your ideas and come up with ways to get you from start to finish.  Look for more information on our events page or calendar.  

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