"iPad for Beginners"- Congratulations to our team animator!

“iPad for Beginners” – Remembering where we all began –

Our group wanted to congratulate our animator for developing one of his own projects.  Levi, an Apple enthusiast, started teaching his new iPad course for beginners this month.  He developed the course at the suggestion of his in-laws.  He helped them numerous times with any new piece of technology they received for Christmas or their birthday.  Every visit to their home included a lesson about downloading applications from the iStore, or using their new apps.  Now, they know some of thebasics to check email, play their games, and chat with people onFace book.  

How easily we forget the first time we walked into the Apple Store and started playing with the new iPads or iMacs.  Knowingthere might be more people out there who never owned an Apple device, he developed his own teaching course to guide them through step-by-step. Finally, following all those tech shows and learning new tricks for his use could be put to use.  He’s finally able to share his knowledge with other people in his own community.

We congratulate him for recognizing the needs of those around him and taking action in trying to keep them updated on all the new technology that keeps pouring out of the storesHe eases their anxieties and lets them know we all started out the same way – knowing nothing.  Luckily for his students, he takes the time to go through all the manuals and searches through the tech sites to give them a faster way of learning.  

All of us have been new to a computer, iPad, and cell phone at some point in our life.  Just because you’ve never tried using one of those devices doesn’t mean you should fear it.  After following along Levi’s lesson, you will become one of those busy bodies who need to check their messages or news feed at the end of the day.  If what I just said above doesn’t make sense, then let me direct you to Levi’s new website where you can sign-up for one of his courses.

Congratulations Levi on your new endeavor!   We appreciate all the technical help and videos you provided over the years.   Judging by the reaction of your first students, we will all be following along and looking for any tips or resources you are willing to share with us.

Levi Spaid – instructor for “iPad for Beginners”

Visit: http://levispaid.wordpress.com/ to check his teaching schedule.  He is in the process of developing a beginner’s guide book for those who cannot make it to one of his classes.

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