Why Adding An Artist To Your Business Network Is Valuable

Why adding an artist to your business network is valuable 

When you are thinking about your network remember the artists and designers around you.  They love to network too!  Someone in finance sharing their perspective with the person in the room who has colored pencils spilled at the bottom of their bag at the networking gathering wouldn't be too much of a risk. In fact, some artists could use their advice to figure out their own finances and vice versa.  Believe or not millions of dollars are spent each year on deciding company colors and designs.  A new company has to innovative and creative to stand out in the competition.  Artists can give your eyes a fresh perspective and stimulate the side of the brain that tends to rest while numbers are being crunched.  Just remember, despite ink stains or paint splatters they are professionals and experts in their fields.  

1.        An artist can give you insight and feedback on adding your branding to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Believe it or not some artists are great at consulting and reviewing the content of your advertising and website.  Let’s face it, the same boring and traditional content is not going to make your business stand out.  Artists and designers have a trained eye that understands balance, color theory, and most of them pride themselves on standing out in a crowd.  This is also why the psychology of understanding consumers a billion dollar industry.  Just remember, most artist appreciate being treated and paid just like any business professional for hours worked.

2.       A business can add value by hiring an artist or designer to create stock images for social media postings.  Analysts in marketing will tell you how visual imagery can increase your brand recognition and increase sales.  Why send out boring lines of text to a population that is becoming seeing everything on their cell phone, iPad, or computer screen?  Increase their interest by using effective and interesting pictures.

3.       Adding someone who is fueled by creativity and inspired to create something out of nothing is never a bad thing.  When you are sitting at your desk and staring at your blank memo pad think about the artist you know.  Don’t stare at the lines on the paper.  Draw outside of them.  An experience artist will tell you it takes several drawings and paintings to get one masterpiece.  Artists can be a little obsessed at perfecting their craft.  They are willing to put in the effort and failed attempts before they reach their desire goal.  Business is no different.


- by Mahieu Spaid

Artist and Author at mahieustudios.com

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