5 Ways to Reach Your Goal and Maintain Balance

5 Ways to Reach Your Goal and Maintain Balance


1.     Take one small step every day.  Still dreaming about turning a hobby into a career.  Then, begin with taking one step toward your dream today.  Don’t know where to begin?  Start by writing out a list of ways to achieve your dream, and cross one item off that list every day.  Something as small as ordering your first set of business cards could be enough to get you going.  The trick is to keep the momentum moving forward.  If you run into a road block, don’t worry.  Just keep moving forward, even if you stumble going over it.  Starting with ordering business cards or opening your first blog/website is a good small step in the right direction.  As you begin to talk and meet with people, they will want to know who and what you are about.  Business cards and a website are one way to establish your dream as something real, not just another day dream.  

2.     Food and the drive-thru.  Yes, I said food.  Health will become an important part of your goal.  You need to push yourself to reach your goal but we all have limited time.  It’s not easy juggling your health, loved ones, and work all into a day but you need to take care of yourself.  Take the time to choose healthy food even when you’re feeling rushed.  You will thank me later.   One way to make this painless, while keeping off extra weight because you’re trying to get your idea running is by adding food prepping time into your schedule.  Many professional trainers and busy business professionals  use one hour or take one day to prep some of their meals for the work week.  They chop the vegetables and cook the protein in one set amount of time, so they can just grab their food on the go.  You can freeze meals or refrigerate everything.  I know I hate prepping.  I spend one day a week getting everything ready so I can throw everything in a pan or in the oven for a few minutes and not have to worry about getting everything ready.  Everything is measured out for me, and most of the mess was made on prep day.  This can be a big time saver when you’re running off to a meeting or know you have a busy week ahead of you.  It will also keep you from going through the drive-thru every time your on the run.  

3.    Get organized.  Organizing is part of making a plan.  You need to have a way to get to what you desire or you will never reach it.  Think about what you want to accomplish at the end of the week and break it down day by day.  Set aside one day or hour for writing your blog posts.  Then, set aside another hour for responding to emails.  Thinking about what you need to accomplish one hour or day at a time will help you focus, and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. If can’t get your schedule organized, then accomplishing goals and maintaining balance will be very difficult. In fact, it will be one reason most people will give up after one week.  Remember, you can change your schedule at time because life seems to happen when we set goals.  They key word is schedule.  Goals are about committing your time and effort to reach what you desire.  Don’t stress out if you have to spend a few days doing what feel like “chores”, such as cleaning your emails or getting your finances in order.  This is all part of the process and it can be overwhelming but keep your ultimate end result in mind.  You need to know where you stand right now in order to figure out how far you need to travel.  Stop pacing and get moving.

4.     Find your five minutes.  We all say we’re busy but are we?  How many times have you caught yourself web surfing or watching YouTube videos for no reason at all.  How many of you have a favorite show?  If you can find five more minutes in your day to devote to yourself or your goals, then you are one step closer to getting what you want.    Sometimes, we have to turn off our favorite show or stop going onto our social media to find the five minutes necessary to reaching our next step.  


5.     Realize that things will not always go according to plan or your schedule.  Things get in the way and the universe seems to know when we set something in motion.  Our friends and family will be silent for weeks but as soon as you make a plan to get working on your dream, you will get all the invites in the world that have nothing to do with achieving your goal.  Don’t ignore them completely - tell them the truth.  You’re busy.  Hunker down and get down to business. You can make plans with them after you get something done.  You might be surprised, some of them might join you.  You might even inspire those around you.  Remember to stay away from the ones that drain you every time you have an idea.  You know which ones they are.  They are the ones that will tell you every reason in the world why your plan will not work.    They shake their head because you wanted to change something in your life - big deal!  They are most likely the people who will complain no matter what’s going on in life, so don’t ask them.  Their answer will always be the same.  Yes, you need to add fun and break time into your schedule. Going off track for a day because of family plans or other people’s schedules is normal. The only time breaks become a problem is when one day or hour turns in a week or a months.  Keep yourself in check.  Know when you need a break.  Then, return to the state of mind you were in when you first wrote down your goal.

 Bonus Tip:

*6.   One extra thing to keep you focused – keep a list or notebook where you can write down your ideas or distracting thoughts, then put them away when your time is free or you run into a road block.  Many successful people keep a notebook of ideas.  Some of them try to write down 10 more new ideas for their business every day.  Do they accomplish them all or do them all at one time?  Not likely.  It is just one way to let out the right side of your brain and keep you focused by cross off one idea at a time until you find something that works for you.


~ Mahieu Spaid

Artist and Author at mahieustudios.com

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