Design for Professionals Using Infographics by Mahieu Studios

Thinking like a designer and be prepared like one.  This will help you save time as a professional and it will help you organize all those creative thoughts that run through your head.  Here are few tools that will help you "think" like a designer:

1.  Keep a list of your favorite fonts and write down their names.  

Scrolling through a list of fonts in any program can take up your time.  Know which ones look good on paper and in digital print before you start your next project.

2.  Start your own professional stock photography collection.  

Takes pictures when you're traveling out and out because they might come in handy later.  Stock photos are great for media posts and creating extra interest to a quote you want to share.  Just remember to make each picture in the collection professional enough to use for business.

3.  Create your own Library.  

Store design ideas you walk past in store windows or ones you see on signs in the street.  Using downtime to search large engines such as Google Images will help you find new designs and designers.  Save interesting pictures in a separate folder and pull them out as a reference later.  The great part of mobile portability is that you no longer need to carry piles of paper or stacks of books.  You can take a picture and put them in the cloud for later.


-Mahieu Studios