5 Ways to Boost Creative Thinking


5 Ways to Boost Creative Thinking by Mahieu Spaid

  1. Take a quick 15 minute walk or exercise before sitting down to write or work on a project.
  2. Increase your reading and listening by at least 1 book a week and 1 podcast a day.  This will help your conscious and subconscious focus during the day.  A new thought may spark the next idea you need.
  3. Let your brain rest.  Getting enough sleep or taking time to mediate may help you organize all those ideas floating around.
  4. Doodle a list.  Sometimes we just need to change the way we are creating a list.  Change things up by drawing the things you want to create.  You may see your project with a different perspective.
  5. Think about the way you use your “downtime”.  Instead of turning on a TV show.  Take five minutes to watch a Tedtalks or a speaker that inspires you.


- Mahieu Spaid

Author and Artist at Mahieustudios.com