Friday's SFP Podcast with guest Dawn Tomlinson - A bead artists and Leader of non-profit AdopSource

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Today we have guest, Dawn Tomlinson in an interview.  She is a bead artist who handcrafts and sells her own unique line of jewelry and leads a non-profit organization for Adoptees in Minnesota.  

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SFP - Podcast #2 (Dawn Tomlinson)

Here are the questions we asked Dawn:

1.  State your name, your experience and your current title.

2.  In your experience as an artist and leader of a non-profit what advice would you share with those getting started?

3.  What do you think other people need to know about the business of creativity?

4.  What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started?

5.  Any other advice you would give to people in a creative or artistic business?

More information about her organization can be found at online.  Join them in their upcoming film festival, MNTRFF 2015 on October 10th.  See their Facebook page for details!

Interviewer and Animator - Levi Spaid