Being the Boss

When you're the one in charge of setting the budget and the pricing responsibility and pressure increases. You wanted the freedom by having your own business but what do you do when there's no one else setting the deadlines and schedules?  Pressure only increases because a missed deadline or opportunity comes directly out of your pocket, not theirs.  

Following expert advice and going through the steps on your own aren't the same thing.  You know you have to do something to keep moving forward but it can still feel uncomfortable.  There are and will be times when the roller coaster turns upside down - just hold onto the change in your pockets until it's the right time for you.  While I think it's important to write down new ideas and have brain storming sessions you need to accept that not all of them will get done.  That's okay!  

After seeing other people succeed from the beginning the important thing I learned from them is to prioritize my list.  I ask, "what needs to be done now, and what can I use right now to get there?"   In the beginning, you need to be more inventive than others who have found out what works for them.  They may have more resources and a bigger budget but ask yourself,  "what can I do now with what I have?"  As a designer, I love this question.  I also love to repurpose.  Porcelain cups that were thrown out suddenly become display props for earrings during a product photo shoot.  Old plates become an up cycled jewelry stand or tiered holder for my miniatures.  

As I work out a schedule that can fluctuate with new commissions or clients, I hope I never lose this need to be inventive.   As I set new goals for myself I hope I can hold onto this feeling of the unknown.   Too many large companies in the past decade grew into something comfortable.  Then, when a new wave hit they were rolled upside down and many of them didn't seem ready.  They had ridden the wave and then anchored.  The rising water was drowning them and many of them started to look dated.  It can be good to drive a campaign that shows how long you've been with your customers but what about the next generation?  So how do you keep a drag image?  Remember the feeling you had when looked out on the water before you learned to surf.  You get back up if you fall off, only this time you know there's a perfect wave out there.  But this time you learned the secret in business.  You don't have to wait for it.  You know it's coming and that it's out there.  Just get up and practice until you can ride without falling off your board.  When your wave hits, enjoy the ride and never lose the determination you had in the beginning.  The desperate, hungry desire to learn and start something new.



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