Crafting Your Skills and Creativity -3 Ways to Improve Your Skills and Creativity

3 Ways to Improve Your Skills and Creativity

1. Simplify - focus on one thing.  I might have a list of things I would like to get done but I've learned to ask myself these questions - 1) What needs to be done first?  2) What can I finish right now?  

They two questions clear the noise in my head when I have more than one project due.  A typical week for me means drawing new designs, running an online store, getting out orders, juggling graphic design projects (a lot of back and forth messaging if I'm working with a client) and the if I have time I work on  writing or illustrating my books.  No wonder I learned to simplify.  Being creative is one thing but trying to make a living with them is another.  Some days you might feel like Superwoman or man, while other days all you can think about is the lack of sleep.  Just remember, this is normal.  If you can, hire someone to help you with all the other stuff (social media & marketing).  If you're just getting started, don't worry about it.  Just create and set aside the other stuff for later - like when you start getting sales or paid for projects. 

2. Visualize - It's not all about words.  Sometimes we need to return to a child like state and see things in pictures.  Sometimes, idea don't come in adult size.  We need to open our minds and see things as a child would.  Only then, do things around us become new.  A persons walking down the street becomes an animal illustration for my next book, or cars become monsters running through the streets.  It's your imagination, so use it.  

3. Take a Break -  when you finish one things on your list, stand up and go walk around for five minutes.  You can even run through the halls of your home with victory arms up in the air cheering - not that I do this.  For me, someone who had 10 million ideas screaming to get, celebrating completing one thing is good.  

Doing all 3 things above will help you focus and get through what you need to know and learn faster.  Learning about your craft, even about the business side is improving your skills.  

 ~ Keep Creating ~ Mahieu Spaid at