3 Ways to Become More Creative by Mahieu Spaid

1.  Follow other creative people who are top leaders, designers and thinkers.  My saying is "You will become your teacher", so learn from top examples.  Surround yourself with the people you want to become or who have qualities you admire.   

2.  Use online resources. It's rare to find a truly original idea.  Most ideas are born out of something else.  Never outright copy but do what the pros do with their limited time.  They look at other leaders and sites to help them brainstorm.  Then, they ask what is our brand or company about?  They also use a team of minds to get the wheels turning.   If you don't have a large team then make a list of online artists, bloggers and shops you like, then schedule time to look at them throughout the week and write down things you notice.  How can you improve what they have?  What do you like? How can you apply it to your own media or website?

Still stuck?  Here is a list of sites or people I follow:

- Trendhunter.com - Current trends and unique finds out there in several market places.

- www.entrepreneur.com - Connects you to the business side of innovative thinkers and gives you guidance on how they got started.

- etsy.com - Great for finding unique designs that will inspire your own work.

- I actually look at the top sellers in Amazon or other online stores to see what's hot in different categories

3. Challenge your senses.  We all use our sight, taste, touch and hearing every day but how many of us change them?  What I mean by changing them is making one more predominant or changing the way you think about them.  It's as simple as playing music while you work in ideas.  See what happens when you listen to classical, rock or even gospel.  This is also the same as noticing people who are wearing your favorite color in a crowd.  What would happen if we noticed everything green one day?  Change the colors you see.  You can do the same thing with taste and touch.   Put on clothes you would never wear (please do cover what you're supposed to in public) or try a new food.  Trying a a new food or change your diet for a few days.  Changing things may expand the ideas in your mind. 

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