Featured Artist for March and April of 2017 at The Art Shoppe in MGM

This year has been busy and changes are happening all the time.  In the spring, I was asked to be a featured artist at The Art Shoppe in MGM and some of my originals found a new home with other artists who appreciate acrylic landscape.  It was a lot of work but well worth the effort during that time.  I never knew there were so many parts to hanging up art on a wall space.  Prepping your artwork is a full-time job after you worked long hours creating your pieces but it's all part of your passion.

I was so busy with shows, publishing a new book, and starting a new business that my blogging stopped but I'm back.  All of the characters that I created are now in a new shop called, ThinkCutie.com.  I hope all of you smile when you see the designs.  Most of the character tees are from my illustrated book characters.  There are Kimchi Ninjas and all kinds of fun character art.

I'm spending my time traveling, creating new ideas and launching new business ventures.  Working with new clients has been learning experience and exciting at the same time.  One of our recent clients is busy traveling Asia and fulfilling his dream of being a digital nomad.  We helped him launch his online business and reach his financial goal in less than a year!  That was an awesome experience to be involved in.  

As I move past summer and into the fall, I have more mountains to climb.  I hope all of you are on your way to achieving what you want out of life.  

Talk soon 


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