How can you build your own brand?

Building an online store or a new brand takes time and consistency.  I'm not going to lie.  It takes work and it's a grind in the beginning.  How do I get my clients going when we start from 0?  

1. Schedule regular consistent meetings and set goals to meet before the next one.   Having a mastermind group will only help you scale faster.  Do meetings work?  They do if you take the next step.

2. We all take action after our meeting.  This is as simple as asking what you can get done in the next five minutes.   

3. Get started quickly and let other people know you exist. You can do this through email lists, starting Linkedin or Facebook group, and start your social media channels.

4. Find your platform.  I work with my clients to find the place they need to be in.  One client found success through Amazon FBA and another found success through LinkedIn.  Each brand is as unique as you are. 

5. Track your progress, tweak what you have to improve and keep grinding toward your goal. 

Does all of this work?  Yes,  when I started my clients on this plan they hit their 90 day goals.  I call this the 30-60-90 day plan for starting a business and it does work.  If you doubt this plan, then do what my clients did and add people to your team. 


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3 Ways to Become More Creative by Mahieu Spaid

1.  Follow other creative people who are top leaders, designers and thinkers.  My saying is "You will become your teacher", so learn from top examples.  Surround yourself with the people you want to become or who have qualities you admire.   

2.  Use online resources. It's rare to find a truly original idea.  Most ideas are born out of something else.  Never outright copy but do what the pros do with their limited time.  They look at other leaders and sites to help them brainstorm.  Then, they ask what is our brand or company about?  They also use a team of minds to get the wheels turning.   If you don't have a large team then make a list of online artists, bloggers and shops you like, then schedule time to look at them throughout the week and write down things you notice.  How can you improve what they have?  What do you like? How can you apply it to your own media or website?

Still stuck?  Here is a list of sites or people I follow:

- - Current trends and unique finds out there in several market places.

- - Connects you to the business side of innovative thinkers and gives you guidance on how they got started.

- - Great for finding unique designs that will inspire your own work.

- I actually look at the top sellers in Amazon or other online stores to see what's hot in different categories

3. Challenge your senses.  We all use our sight, taste, touch and hearing every day but how many of us change them?  What I mean by changing them is making one more predominant or changing the way you think about them.  It's as simple as playing music while you work in ideas.  See what happens when you listen to classical, rock or even gospel.  This is also the same as noticing people who are wearing your favorite color in a crowd.  What would happen if we noticed everything green one day?  Change the colors you see.  You can do the same thing with taste and touch.   Put on clothes you would never wear (please do cover what you're supposed to in public) or try a new food.  Trying a a new food or change your diet for a few days.  Changing things may expand the ideas in your mind. 

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5 Ways to Boost Creative Thinking


5 Ways to Boost Creative Thinking by Mahieu Spaid

  1. Take a quick 15 minute walk or exercise before sitting down to write or work on a project.
  2. Increase your reading and listening by at least 1 book a week and 1 podcast a day.  This will help your conscious and subconscious focus during the day.  A new thought may spark the next idea you need.
  3. Let your brain rest.  Getting enough sleep or taking time to mediate may help you organize all those ideas floating around.
  4. Doodle a list.  Sometimes we just need to change the way we are creating a list.  Change things up by drawing the things you want to create.  You may see your project with a different perspective.
  5. Think about the way you use your “downtime”.  Instead of turning on a TV show.  Take five minutes to watch a Tedtalks or a speaker that inspires you.


- Mahieu Spaid

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Building A Non-Profit in 2015 with Korean Quarterly

The beginning of a new year is the time to narrow down your bucket list.  You can take your volunteer hours to turn your hobby into something bigger for your community.  Some people decide to follow their dreams by creating a non-profit instead of a for profit business.  Building a business doesn't have to be driven by the thought of going corporate or creating an international company.  The work and time put into your project is the same.  Instead of looking for a capital sponsor you will be seeking out grants or depend on fundraising.  Turning your idea into a workable platform will take time and effort but you may find a non-profit more rewarding.  Here is one example of a couple, Steve and Martha Vickery, who turned their interest into a local newspaper to support and share information about Korean culture and community.

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Designing images for the online world

Recently, we decided to create a new logo for our Ebook publishing group, Little Lucy Lovebugs Books.  While we love the alliteration, our own name is long and can be a tongue twister when said out loud.  We decided to keep the name because we studied the other big publishers.  Many publishers, such as Penguin, now use visual logos instead of branded name to represent their publishing group online.  Using imagery in a world known for short attention spans can strengthen your brand.  When people are surfing the web they remember parts of a name but an image can help your idea take root in someone's mind.  It gives your audience a visual image to associate with your company and for those who have a terrible time with names it can be a lifesaver.  As many other SEO experts will tell you online group such as Apple are more likely to promote your podcast or business if you have an interesting design in their app or iTunes store.  A good design can give you a few extra seconds in someone's busy day and this may lead to a click on the like button or on your site.

Here are some tips to think of when you are designing your logo:

1.  Size - It is best to think about where your logo.  The size for podcasts in the iTunes store is 1400x1400.  A known fact by designers considering an app for the iTunes store.  Research other stores and sites to see what other logos look like.  Create a logo large enough to get a clean image but small enough that it won't slow down the download time.

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5 Ways to Learn and Master New Skills

5 Ways to Learn and Master New Skills

When you inspire and teach others to do the same task better than yourself, then you have become the master.  ~ Mahieu Spaid


  1. Create a tutorial.  When you are trying to learn a new skill putting yourself behind the teacher’s desk will improve your level of learning.  Teaching someone else what you know tests what you actually know and reminds you of what you thought you knew.  Being the teacher forces you to check your facts and make the necessary corrections a lot faster than being in the role of the student absorbing the information.  It reminds of being on the trivia shows or game show where you are pressure to perform.  Practicing for an audience will only help you in the long run.  The added bonus is, once your finished your powerpoint slides or tutorials you can use them in your own blog or course to share in the future.  You are learning a skill and teaching someone at the same time.  

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Why Adding An Artist To Your Business Network Is Valuable

When you are thinking about your network remember the artists and designers around you.  They love to network too!  Someone in finance sharing their perspective with the person in the room who has colored pencils spilled at the bottom of their bag at the networking gathering wouldn't be too much of a risk. In fact, some artists could use their advice to figure out their own finances and vice versa.  Believe or not millions of dollars are spent each year on deciding company colors and designs.  A new company has to innovative and creative to stand out in the competition.  Artists can give your eyes a fresh perspective and stimulate the side of the brain that tends to rest while numbers are being crunched.  Just remember, despite ink stains or paint splatters they are professionals and experts in their fields.   

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