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©2013 "Lucy's World" by Mahieu Studios - Comic Strip

Lucy entered a new world when a feline sympathizer took her in as a roommate.  She turns out to be the real Catwoman and Lucy learns a few tricks from her new friend.  The old life she was a memory she would never forget.  She escaped the locked and cruel cages of PetWorld, where she was forced to perform for shoppers.  She got out just in time to escape the sentence of the testing lab and a mysterious woman took her in.  This woman turned out to be Catwoman and soon Lucy goes off in search of her own justice.  Is she out for revenge like her roommate or just trying to find her home again?  Only time will tell.

The Ninja Turtle and the Hare

 © 2013 Mahieu Studios - Comic Strip

A modern twist on a classic tale

See how the tale really unfolded when retold by the Hare and a Ninja Turtle. 



Graphic Novels: Work in Progress

Riding the Tauri Winds

      One scientist's attempt to save the earth after a turned Newtonian, Gravastar, takes control by trying to destroy it with natural disasters.  He set a series of destruction and enslaved the remaining survivors.  He only keeps the survivors in breeding cells and disposes of them after their child reaches the age of five.  The world is covered in gray soot from eruptions and earthquakes.  Gravastar covets the remaining rays of light in his bubble paradise.  The only hope is Violet Lucerne's key.  She entrusted the key to her twin sister, Lily and former lover, Alex.  Will they be able to get over their own egos and grief in time to find the key?  One thing is certain, Gravastar will destroy them all if they fail and the death of everyone they loved will have been in vain.  The hope earth lives and dies with them.



Superheroes and Villains


Cartoons: Characters & Food

Sketch to Print (Commissions)! (seeing our progress)

Every finished digital print begins as a sketch.  See the progress on finished pieces and some pieces that are works in progress.  Friends and family turn into characters and avatars.   

These are current works in progress!