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Southern Fever Publishing PODCAST - An audio reading of Birdsong by Yoon Ju Lee

Yoon Ju Lee is an author who writes adult fiction and fantasy novels.  This reading is from her first ebook, Midnight Birdsong - Romantic Short Stories.  The shorts stories are about the encounters of four different women.  This particular piece is from the end bonus chapter of her novel.  Her work can be found at

Her novel is now available through Amazon Kindle.  More information about our publishing groups can be found in our books page.

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SFP - Podcast #2 (Dawn Tomlinson)

Today we have guest, Dawn Tomlinson in an interview.  She is a bead artist who handcrafts and sells her own unique line of jewelry and leads a non-profit organization for Adoptees in Minnesota.  

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SFP - Podcast #2 (Dawn Tomlinson)

M.S.P #1: Interview with Entrepreneur John Saddington

Mahieu Studios Podcast #1 (M.S.P#1): Entrepreneur John Saddington

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to interview Entrepreneur, John Saddington.  He is a Korean Adopted twin who resides in Atlanta, Georgia and he successfully sold his own social platform.  He’s worked as an executive for Fortune 50 companies and launched his own start-ups.  His work has been featured on CBS Atlanta, Fox News, and Forbes.  Follow his transcribed audio answers as he shares his experiences, advice, and answers about creating your own business.  

(Please note - the following is a transcription from our Mahieu Studio’s Podcast and may not be exact or grammatically correct.  Thank you.)  Link back to our Blog.