Membership & Event Passes

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Membership:  Annual from the time of purchase - includes passes events throughout the year. (Artists, Animators, Business workshops for Creative Minds, and App specific workshops).


Throughout the year our group would like to offer events, classes and giveaways to those who decide to support our Character Lab.  We want to invite guest speakers and hold events for you.  Your membership helps provide support for the cost of those workshops and creative powerlabs.  We want to provide our members with access to all the people and tools they wanted to know.

Here is what membership provides:

  • Newsletter that shares upcoming events and resources to all of our members (No spamming here - this only happens bi-annually)
  • A free pass to one of our events or workshops (These workshops will feature entrepreneurs, individuals who created their own start-up, and creative guests such as a well known author or artist).  This will save you the cost of one ticket or door price.
  • A free creation from one of our artists, animators, or writers (This may come in the form of an a card, ebook, illustration, or 3D video.  The work will be an original creation from someone on our team).
  • A free invitation to our private social group.  This is our social group - a place to network, ask questions, and talk about the creative process.  You can work out your ideas with other people who are going through the same struggles and joys.


We offer two levels in our Ecommerce store for purchase:  (To purchase Membership see our shop)

Individual: $25 receives all of the above perks

Business: $100 receives all of the above perks but you get one personal session that focuses on your creative needs.  This is best for a group (3 or more) purchase.   (You receive one membership price for free.  This allows you to invite a guest to one of our events).    We can also create a one-on-one class/event for you or your group.  You get our individual attention and we can focus on your specific needs & topics for your business.  

Example:  Our iPad expert, Levi Spaid, can create a custom course on the uses of the iPad for businesses.  He is an experienced teacher and author of iPad for Beginners (Available through our website).  He teaches the latest tips and tricks when it comes to learning anything Apple.

**Contact us at for individual or hourly speaking and learning classes. **

Examples of what  we can provide:  

Is your business thinking of buying iPads or just purchase some for your business?  We have a developed course that can guide your group through the basics.  We also give you tips and tricks for faster access to the apps that would help make your work day easier.

Our artist can hold a creative class to show you how to make one of the fun clay creations.  Learn how to make fun food shaped food through a live demo.  

We can also schedule a book reading event for your individual group or a Q&A speaking event.

Our group also speaks at public and non-profit events about creativity and using design applications & technologies.

Our members also support the adoptee community and participate in a number of events around the twin cities to speak about culture and social awareness.

Events Passes:  See our Calendar for events

Please see our Ecommerce store to purchase tickets to our events

Prices differ per event.

-Quarterly ART Subscription-

Join our new Quarterly ART Subscription Service and receive signed pieces of artwork from our studio collection each month.  Purchase through our shop and choose to receive a unique, handmade piece of artwork every Quarter for 1 year.  More than one year can be purchased by selected more than 1 quantity.  Pieces will be mailed via United States Postal Service or best way to each.  Each piece will be a surprise to the subscriber.   (click here for our Lucy Lovebugs Shop )


Lunch and Coffee with our Studio:

Our Coffee & Lunch Meet-ups do not require membership for the first time.  This is time to network and discuss ideas with local artists and writers.  We discuss new ideas, projects, and business.  Sometimes the best ideas happen when you're outside of your studio and just having fun with friends.  See our calendar for our next schedule meet-up.


Why donate?

So we can provide free workshops and events for independent artists and writers.  We want to provide guest speakers from our area and from around the global community to help inspire the minds in our area and share their skills in entrepreneurship, project building, and expressing their creativity.  Sometimes our own artists and writers need a boost.  Buy them a coffee or soda to keep them fueled during their late nights.

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