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Current Classes through our Team-

Online Classes: iPad for beginners for business with Levi Spaid at

"iPad for Beginners" - Minnesota Class with Levi Spaid - our animator offers introductory classes in our community

Visit his website at Lightning Tech Reviews for class times and details.  Great for those new to the iPad & Apple.

Consulting for Businesses -

Helping you find a plan and help you with your design needs

Contact us 

Visit our SHOP for estimated pricing.  Negotiable depending on your needs.

Video & Animation -

Blender, Photoshop, After Affects, & Flash

We can set-up your YouTube Channel

In our library -

Elements of Style by EB White

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

Die Empty by Todd Henry 

Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran

Driven by Robert Herjavic

iOS 7 Programming Fundamentals by Matt Neuburg

Other people we follow and recommend -

Writers -

Jeff Goins author of You Are a Writer  at

He inspires us with his ideas and knowledge about crafting your writing.  He also offers tools and resources for getting your writer out to a wider audience.  Most of all he focuses on essential part of being a writer - writing.

Bryan Thao Worra  author of On the Other Side of the Eye - Award Winning Laotion Author at

A very talented and involved writer in the adoptee and Laotion community.  Bryan spends many hours giving back to the community through speaking and working with various writing organizations.  His way with words in his writing and poetry are very moving every time we read or hear them.  

See his personal interview in our own blog - click here  

Little Lucy Lovebugs Books - visit our own Facebook page and connect with us.  We want to interact and share our resources with you.

M.S.P - Mahieu Studios Podcast

We offer some audio and podcast interviews through our site - click here


Places Who support independent artists and writers:

The Art Shoppe in Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, MN - Promotes opportunities for artists who represent diversity within our community - visit their facebook page

Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis, MN - great and unique selection of authors both traditional and independent.  Supports local books readings for authors.  Quaint Corner room for meetings and workshops.

Keepers of Waconia in Waconia, MN - a new business that supports other independent artists in our communities.  Visit their Facebook Page for details!

Groups or Individuals featured on our Blog:

Ron Iverson - marketing/production director for DogSense Unleashed in St. Paul, MN - featured on Nov, 20, 2013.  He spoke about how he decided to take the leap and join a start-up.

Bryan Thao Worra - told his story about writing and how he kept his ideas a full-time reality - featured on Nov. 27, 2013.  A personal interview a talented writer and spoken word artist about what fuels his creativity and keeps him going.

John Saddington - Entrepreneur  - featured in December 2013

A Korean Adoptee who built his own social platform and successful sold it at a young age.   John is an entrepreneur who has been featured in Forbes, CBS Atlanta, Foxnews, and Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income podcast. He's worked as an engineer and executive to a Fortune 50 company.  He talks about being an entrepreneur, getting started, and how to get through the ups and downs of the journey.


Entrepreneurs who inspire -

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income -  We couldn’t live without his business and self-publishing sharing.  We are fans of his podcast and blog.  He’s a true entrepreneur.

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire - We also listen to his podcasts every day for inspiration.  He inspired us to take action on our talents and do what we love.

Both Pat and John are recommended to anyone pursuing their passion or those who haven’t started.  They are living proof on how much can be accomplished if you keep going with your ideas.

John Saddington - Entrepreneur - featured guest of our blog - we hope to see John at one of our workshop events this coming spring - Thank you for all you do!

Who else do we follow?

David Malan - Senior Lecturer on Computer Science at Harvard University - we replay his online courses that offered for free through youtube and the university website.

Twin Cities iPhone Developers - we are members of this group and go to their monthly meet-ups to increase our knowledge and speak to other individuals working on their own projects.

Also click on our social links at the bottom of our homepage and looking for your channels and links.

Ways to Support our Studio/Artist

Quarterly ART Subscription - for a one time fee of $25.00 you will receive a piece of artwork from our studio every three months for one year.  Purchase can be made in our Shop.


Why do we have a donate button?  We like to provide events & workshops for our community.  Business sponsorship and community support help provide funding for joint public projects.  We like to volunteer and help other non-profits.  This is one way to help fund those kinds of events.

Affiliate or Referral Programs:  (Note- these are links we receive a small commission on.  This is a good way to show practical use of design without all of the inventory piles.  Based of suggestions by our customers). 

See our Cosmo cat on our Zazzle Page and become a member