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Our team provides services in animation, ebook publication, and design.  We have the ability to consult with businesses to let their creativity work for them.  We help them build their own tools and resources through consulting, speaking, and workshops.  Our team can help them build lively and new commercials/trailers for their social media.  We also have team members that have experience speaking at cultural workshops.  Our designs range from humorous to fine art.   We can work with you to help create the look that you envision. 


Consulting -  Building the business you envision using the most valuable tools in an artists palette - creativity and passion

We can help you develop a new concept or idea for your business.  We have worked with local businesses to build commercials and 3D Animations for their website.  We can also help you find the design that speaks to you and your audience.  Leaving some of the work to our team will give you time to focus on the things you need.  Our team is willing to partner with non-profits to create a professional campaign. Many of us in the group are active members in the community and we believe in supporting various groups through volunteering, participating in their  events, and uniting artists in Minnesota.   In the beginning of 2013 we helped form a group for Korean Adoptee Artists (KAAt - Korean Adopted Artists Together) in Minnesota for a show that would showcase our talents as artists.  We built our own group because none existed in the Minnesota area.  We are willing to bring that same entrepreneurial energy to your business.


Speaking & Workshops -   Entrepreneurship, Community inspiration, Providing Resources

Our creative minds are constantly seeking out new ideas and groups in our area.  We participate and attend meet-up groups throughout Minnesota.  We have experience speaking about our work and the creative process used to complete our works of art.  Yes, we do think each design and animation is a work of art.  We have spoken at parent workshops about our cultural designs.  We speak about our own personal experiences and how they shape our designs. Creativity is affected by every aspect of your life.  We can share how we create new ideas and we share the tools and resources you use.   We would like to encourage those in our community to join the entrepreneurs around the world and take action on what they are passionate about. 


Design -  Books Covers, 3D animation, Web graphics  

Our team gets together and critiques our own work when we are working on a new concept. We create our own book covers and work with the authors in our group to bring their characters to life.  Someone should be able to see their story or message reflected in their visual designs.   Many of our pieces were also designed to make us smile. We hope smiles are contagious.   


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