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Our creative team builds your character through book cover design, illustration, and web graphics.

Quick Overview of our designs below - 

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Acrylic paintings and Pencil drawings:


Author  and Illustrator Mahieu Spaid created the characters from Adventures of Lucy and Bryan: King of Wild Island using a digital Wacom tablet.  Each character was sketched in pen or pencil and then scanned into photoshop.  The characters were colored and finished digitally.  This is the first of three books.

A new series is on the way, for 2014, with Dancing Willa Wellington.  She is a rhinoceros and a ballerina.  Find her in the gallery below.   





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© 2013 Mahieu Spaid text and illustrations


Illustrations:   purchase at my etsy store


Cartoon and Digital Drawings:

All Digital drawings were first sketched on paper and then transferred into sketchbook and photoshop.  Using a Wacom drawing pad the details and coloring were added.  

Prints and requests are available through my links and contacts.  Visit the online shop.  Some of our Work can also be found throughout the Minnesota area just click on other stores for details.


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