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Bubble Tea at Pham's Deli at

This animation highlights one of our local businesses in the Twin Cities.  They not only serve great food but cater for many events as well.  We were inspired to create this short animated commercial because of the wonderful bubble tea they make in many flavors.   This is one of our favorite hang-outs at Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, MN.  Our way of giving back to those we know in our community. 



This animation highlights one of our local businesses in the Twin Cities.  I was inspired to create this short animation because of the great food they serve!

Ride Into Minneapolis


Have you ever wondered about those cool 3D animations?  Check out this animation I created for you.  All you have to do is tell me what you want shown on the sign!  Or, tell me what you want seen flying by in the sky.  Then, the animation is all yours to keep to use however you want!  Email me at to get your own animation! 


Now that you have seen my simple animation, the possibilities are yours to create.  I would love to hear your creative idea for my next animation.  I'll be happy to create your animation for you to own for a low cost.  The more humorous and entertaining your animation the better!  Simply email me your idea at


What we do for fun - 

Our company culture loves to create fun projects outside of work for events in our community.  Visit our YouTube channel to see other projects we created.


This year our Animation Short was Officially Selected for MinnAnimate II Film Festival 2013 at the Ritz Theater on Sept. 12th.  

Life Under the Dome: Series I


Video Progress:  1st drafts and takes - (below)


Series I: Life Under the Dome

Our Summer 2014 Video Blog!

Having fun with .gif

Holiday Greetings! 



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